1What is the process of having a challenge coin made?

It starts with the artwork. Once you have the artwork down you can send it for a quote, and we will review the artwork to ensure that what you are asking can be done. Once we have reviewed the artwork, we will email you a price quote for the artwork you supplied.

After artwork comes the production. Once we receive payment of your order and you confirm t hat all details are correct, we will then start production. Production typically takes 30 days. This may be shorter or longer depending on the number of pieces you purchase. If you have a very intricate product, we may have you view the CNC file before we start to cut the mold just to ensure it is the look you were going for.

After production we will ship the coins to you.

2Do you have a minimum order amount?

No. We do not have a minimum amount that you need to purchase. You can order only 1 item if you like. Keep in mind that the more you purchase the better the price will be.

3My order came damaged or incorrect, how can I get this fixed?

Please email us your order number, and a photo of the product in question along with a total count of the damaged items.

4Are the designs on your site copyrighted?

The designs are copyrighted by the users, all rights reserved, we won't release them for distribution elsewhere. The artwork and images you see on the site are for information and inspirational purposes only. We do not sell individual images. We only produce your artwork into or onto the product you choose. If you are recreating something that may be copyrighted, it is your responsibility to ensure you get proper approval before using.

5Do you offer a guarantee on the custom orders?

Before the production of your order takes place, you may cancel anytime and are entitled to a money back guarantee! Once your order is in production or has shipped, we will not be able to cancel it and no refund will be given.
However, If the product has a defect when the customer receives it, we will either re-make your order FREE OF CHARGE or offer an order discount based on a case-by-case basis.

6How close will my final product look compared to the artwork/ proof I’ve received?

You will be surprised at how close the artwork is compared to the actual product. Please see some of our photos that show the actual artwork and product side by side. With that said, most of our products are hand-made / hand painted/ colored and differences in dye and color can be expected from time to time.

7I have no artwork, can you help?

Just because we developed a website that puts the designing in your hands does not mean that we will be hands off. If you need help with your project, just reach out and we will be happy to help you.

8How much is shipping? Can you ship anywhere?

We offer Free Shipping on Our Challenge Coins.

We will ship to your unit, House, office, APO, FPO, Fire House, or Police Station. Wherever your custom order is going we will make sure it will get there.