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The look and feel of your next challenge coin or unit patch is in your hands

  • Change the Color
  • Change the Font
  • Change the Shape & Border
  • Use already made templates
  • Upload your own artwork
  • Collaborate with others
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How Challenge Coin Builder Works

how it works

Use Our Design Studio

Start by creating your custom coins on our online design studio and coin editor. Or simply email us your design ideas, sketches, photos, and logos.

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Get Your Custom Quote

We will look over your artwork, make it look good, and update your quote on your Profile (This process may take a day or two). If you need revisions, just ask.

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Approval and Production

Once you are satisfied with your custom challenge coin design, you can approve it and make a payment. After we have approval, we will start production.

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Pack and Ship

When your challenge coins are complete and pass our quality control, they will be boxed and shipped to the address we have on file.


Creating Your
Coin or Patch

Start With Your Idea

It all starts with your idea for the perfect challenge coin or unit patch.

Launch The Design Studio

After you have a good idea of what you want to create, launch the design studio to get started with your incredible design.

Submit for Quote

After you are done designing your challenge coin or unit patch, you can save it, share it, or submit it for your quote.

Start Production

When you are ready to start production, simply order your coin or patch and confirm the artwork. We will then start making your design.

Don't Settle
For Ordinary

With our design studio, you have the ability to create amazing challenge coins and unit patches. You can save your artwork for later use and you can also share your artwork with others so you can get feedback from coworkers. With our design studio the process is effortless and the outcome flawless.


Design Templates

Unsure where to start? Use one of our many design templates and customize it the way you want.


Over 2000 Clipart images have been added

We tried to incorporate as many images as possible so that you could design a great lookin product. If you don't see a clipart that suits you just upload your own.

Our Recent Designs

Here are some recent designs from customers

What Our Client Says


I wanted a coin for my local chapter. I tried this company. They worked with me on the design and we went back and forth using the design studio until the coin was perfect. It was cool being able to save the artwork in the design studio and then seeing the art team move things around till it was right.


When they say the coin will look just like the artwork they are not kidding. Well I thought it turned out better then the artwork. They have exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend!!


This company is great! I love how easy the process is and that I can create my own coin and submit it. They really do look like the artwork. love the quality. Thank you.


Incredible customer service. Great price. Awesome coins.


I wanted a retirement coin to hand out to all in attendance. I chose this company because the owner is retired Coast Guard. He did not disappoint. I sent in my own artwork and the coin turned out so much better than my drawing. They nailed the look I was going for.


Easy and simple. There are so many features on this site. It makes it easy to make a coin from a vague idea. I was impressed how the coin looked exactly like the artwork. I had a few questions and reached out to them and I must say that their customer service is beyond any other company. You guys rock!

Scott J

Hands down the BEST!!!! I have ordered a few coins from this company and they always deliver a great product. I highly recommend.


I have ordered multiple USAF coins and will continue to order from this company. I send them my 'ideas' and they are able to make a coin that is exactly what I was looking for. I will be ordering again very soon. Thank you.

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