Create Your Own Custom Military Challenge Coins with Challenge Coin Builder

Posted by Challenge Coin Builder on Oct 28, 2023

Create Your Own Custom Military Challenge Coins with Challenge Coin Builder

When you're ready to craft your very own custom military challenge coins, you'll want a trusted partner who understands your vision. As a veteran-owned and operated company specializing in military coins as well as custom coins for all corporations, Challenge Coin Builder is dedicated to bringing your unique designs to life.

We've harnessed years of experience to develop a streamlined, user-friendly system for designing your personalized challenge coins. What sets us apart is our interactive design studio, where you can unleash your creativity and design your own coins. Once you're satisfied with your creation, simply submit it for a custom coin quote. When you choose to collaborate with Challenge Coin Builder, you can be confident that the outcome will be a creation you'll deeply cherish and take immense pride in.

Not the artistic type? No need to worry. You can easily email us your design concepts, and our team of seasoned artists will expertly transform your ideas into reality for your custom challenge coins. Whether you have a specific size, shape, or look in mind, rest assured that if you can envision it, we have the expertise to craft it for you. Your vision, our artistry = a perfect match.

Here's a simple guide on using our online design studio to create your unique corporate or custom military challenge coins:


1. Select Your Starting Point

Begin by clicking the "Start Design" button on our homepage or navigate to our "Products" page to choose a product or coin template for your custom military challenge coins.

2. Design Your Coin

Once in the design studio, you'll find a range of options to craft your design for your custom military challenge coins. If you haven't picked a product yet, go to the products tab and select a coin template or start with a blank coin.